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OkCupid takes a stab at Mozilla’s new CEO

Mozilla appointed CTO Brendan Eich as new CEO of the company behind Firefox. In 2008 Eich donated $1,000 to support Proposition 8, a ban on gay marriage in California, which has brought employees to resign and a call for Eich to also resign. The backlash against the company is not just within, and OkCupid has thrown a splash page for anyone who browses the site with Firefox. The page explains why they don’t agree with the company and urges users to switch to another cable browser to use the online dating website.

OkCupid never reached out to Mozilla first, nor did anyone see this coming. However this has brought outrage among the dating websites users. Some who agree with Eich believe that they are being pressured and have vowed to leave the site and never to return, and we know you never can please everyone. This move seems like a way to alienate some users on the platform, and could cause more trouble for the site in the near future.