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Android Wear is Google’s attempt at smartwatches

Google is finally getting into wearables and in a beautiful way. As previously reported Google is expanding beyond Google Glass with Android Wear.  As in the video you can see that you can control everything with your voice, and appears to sport Google Now. Google acknowledged that there’s plenty more to come, but it was ” starting with the most familiar wearable.” The best part about the look is that the screen is circular, which many had wanted so it could look similar to classic watches.

Google as outlined how developers can extend their Android apps to the watches screen. Google is already promising that “favorite fitness apps” so you can watch how far and fast you’ve run. LG will be the first company to make a watch with Android Wear. Google said that they will also work with HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung, as well as Fossil Group to bring smart watches to everyone. The Fossil Group making a smart watch is not only surprising but interesting because they would be the first classic watch company to explore smart watches.

Speaking to your phone already is awkward and pulls odd looks to you, so it will be even more awkward to speak to your smartwatch. Okay Google will bring Google Now to even more devices that will always be listening and tracking your every step. The Moto 360 looks like a traditional watch that has Android Wear, and might I saw that it looks beautiful. The LG G Watch was the first watch and took the square look like the Pebble watch.

I’m excited to see designs from more companies, and hopefully they are as beautiful as the Moto 360.I also hope that these watches will be cheaper, and maybe we’ll see a Nexus watch thats low cost. Tell us in the comments below what you think of Android wear and the new watches that have been announced.


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