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Amazon raised Prime subscription to $99 a year

As Amazon had stated before Amazon Prime subscription has increased from $79 to $99, which is $20 more. The increase is not as large as some had expected which would have put Prime at $120 instead of the current $99 a year. Prime is still a rocking deal that most subscribers will continue to pay for, but of course there will be some to leave but not many. An email to Prime members vaguely attributes the increase to rising fuel and transportation costs.

Prime continues to offer movies, tv, ebook lending, and free two day shipping to subscribers who are willing to pay the increased price. It’s the best deal for anyone considering everything that you’re receiving, and if added together this could be a 200 or 300 dollar package if bought from separate companies. Amazon may lack a large collection of media compared to Netflix, but it has been growing over the years and soon we may see the same in both libraries.

If you’re quick an act soon you can start a 30 day trail and lock the $79 price in for the next year. This deal runs until March 20th then the price will go into full affect. Current customers will encounter the price increase once they renew the subscription sometime this year. Hopefully Amazon will keep this price from the next few years and not attempt to increase it anytime soon.

Tell us in the comments below your thoughts on the increase, and if you subscribe will this affect if you renew or not?


One response to “Amazon raised Prime subscription to $99 a year”

  1. The $20 increase isn’t a big deal considering what Amazon offers. I’ll keep on paying as long as Amazon keeps the amazing services up!