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Titanfall goes live, Xbox Live goes down

Microsoft has struggled for the past 5 hours to restore Xbox Live on the Xbox One. This was the worst time for the service to go down. One because Titanfall just launched today, and two because the Xbox One almost always relies on cloud services to work fully. Titanfall is a game that Microsoft hopes to be the thing that makes the gaming console, like Halo was to the Xbox 360.

Larry Hryb, Microsoft’s Director of Programming, confirmed that Microsoft is aware of the issue and says specifically that “This is not a #Titanfall issue.” This means that the Titanfall was not the problem, but Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers was having issues with something that Microsoft does not want to tell us just yet.

Titanfall is a multiplayer-only game, while it’s not uncommon to see online servers to struggle the first day Microsoft had pulled the stops out for this game. Microsoft sent out updates for the system, new exclusive Titanfall branded peripherals, along with a fix for the Xbox.

The official Twitter for Xbox Support now claims that Xbox Live is up and running, but the status page still list the service as limited.

Now thousands of happy gamers can once again get online to play Titanfall for the first time on their Xbox One. Tell us in the comments below if you or your friend has Titanfall!