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SXSW day four recap

Yesterday’s weather was nice and didn’t include any rain. The hot ticket item was Edward Snowdens video interview with ACLU’s Christopher Soghoian. This event was so packed that many overflow rooms were larger than other meeting rooms in the Austin Convention Center. Many other parties and coworking spaces were all throwing parties to say goodbye to the interactive portion of SXSW. Now everyone will be heading back home to continue work on their start-up or writing about technology news.

This weekend hasn’t brought us the next big app nor has it brought us any amazing improvements to technology. SXSWi has become a part for the technology crowd where people can come network and drink all together. We did see keynote speeches from some of the most influential people in the tech sector, and all of them had a similar message of privacy and encrypting data. We did found out Austin doesn’t like Uber nor do they want the service in their city anytime soon.

SXSW is not over and really it has just began, with thousands still within the city for concerts and other events. Till next year we will take our experiences and knowledge we learned through different panels and events. We have other events we will cover through the year, and with our new look we will continue to grow and provide great content.