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We look a little different now

Why hello and thanks for all those compliments on our new look. As you may have noticed we threw some new clothes on to match our logo which was redesigned recently by Kyle McDonald. We felt the old look matched our previous logos, and the old look was a premade theme that anyone could find through WordPress. Now we have a look that fits us perfectly, and we’ll be the only ones who has it. This design has been months of work from the Ninjality team, which I do work with often, to help better brand the site.

We are not just Digital Bounds writers, we are first Digital Bounds readers. The old design was better fitted to show ads and not display our writing first. Now when you first load the site it will show you the trending and breaking news, at the same time you’ll also see the latest articles that have been published. What we were aiming for is content right in your face, and no need to scroll down to have to read the latest news. We were also aiming for simplicity and optimal load times for the site. On top of that we followed some trends such as have a responsive design. For the noobs this means no matter the screen size the website will always scale to perfectly fit your screen.

The site load time will continue to improve as we work on little issues here and there. Also there are more little design improvements coming through the week as the Ninjality team goes through and fixes major bugs, and then minor bugs, and finally adds some cool things for the site. We know that if a site doesn’t present news to you as quickly as possible you’ll be disinterested and head else where.

This is only the tip of the ice berg for us, because we plan on expanding into more things to offer you more interesting and relevant tech news. As you may know we are big fans of redesign: we’ve only done this 4 times now. This new look screams Digital Bounds, and honestly I could see this theme up for 2 or 3 years with improvements of course. We want to thank Digital Ocean for the amazing cloud hosting and the amazing support they have given us day and night. Without them we would be nothing, and we would like to congratulate them on the new funding they’ve gotten to compete against AWS and Rackspace. Finally we want to thank Sunny and Kyle from Ninjality for the amazing work they have done, and the work they will keep on doing. They have become close friends who can offer advice for the site but also help build this site into something everyone can enjoy.


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