SXSW day three recap

Yesterday lacked rain, but the chilly temperature made up for the lack of rain. Sunday wa quite with parties going on, people walking around the city, and some keynote speeches happening. The talk of the town was wearables and how technology is changing healthcare monitoring. Apps won’t just allow for people to read news, play games, and pass time but soon apps will help users lose weight and even maintain your blood sugar soon. Google even said that they will offer a SDK that will make it easier for developers to create wearables for Android.

The celebrities started to flow in with SXSW music and film starting this week. The trend was pop-up small parties with Spotify, HBO, and other companies taking over whole house for parties. Comedy site Funny or Die is hosting the cast of Neighbors, a film starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron, as well as social network Facebook. Shaq spoke yesterday, Justin Bieber made an appearance, and many others made their way around Austin.

RadioShack was out and about helping people keep their phones charged by delivering mobile chargers to everyone. This is a little different from Samsung switching out dead batteries for fully charged ones, but not everyone has a Samsung phone. This has brought some good karma to the company who said they would close hundreds of their retail locations soon. Either way people are very happy that companies are offering free services with no catches for these services.

Today Edward Snowdon will speak at 11am from somewhere is Russia, which will be his first video interview. Some elected officials have voiced their concerns and written an open letter to have SXSW officials to cut him from the schedule. Julian Assange spoke on day two though he had a lot to say, but he didn’t have anything interesting to say. Considering Snowdon hasn’t been interviewed before this we could see some interesting statements from him.



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