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Julian Assange spoke at SXSW

Julian Assange is a journalist and an activist who founded WikiLeaks. He has been held up in the Ecuadorian embassy to stop an extradition to Sweden regarding sexual assault charges, but his worry is that the United States will extradited him to charge him for his diplomatic cables that have been leaked on his site.

Assange will answer questions from Barbarian Group’s Benjamin Palmer and questions via Twitter. Assange won’t be in Austin during SXSW, but he will be on a Skype call with hundreds of people watching closely. Assange will discussed online privacy, Ukraine, the importance of promoting government transparency, ethical implications leaking classified documents, and the idea of a “internet nation.” Assange talked about the struggles of WikiLeaks and how they had banking blocks that wiped away nearly half of their income.

Below you can watch the full interview thanks to the Texas Tribune:

While some view Assange as a tyrant, a risk to our national security, and an enemy of the world. There are WikiLeaks supporters who have passionately followed Assange is his message, but Americans who speak with Assange risk the United States government charging them with “communication with the enemy.”

Leave a comment below what you thought about Julian Assange talking at SXSW this year, and don’t forget that Edward Snowden will also speak at SXSW.