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Day One at SXSW

Yesterday was the first day of SXSWi, but we didn’t see too much happen just yet. The weather was perfect to walk around Austin, everyone picked up badges and started to network with fellow attendees. The biggest events won’t happen till today or tomorrow, but some companies will manage to dominate SXSW even with the crowded social media space. Oreo and Chevy appear to have the biggest social media presence of any brand yet.

Chevy is offering anyone in Austin who needs a ride a free ride in one of their Chevy’s that they have operating around Austin. Now Chevy is heavily advertising OnStar, which didn’t work at all because of the road closures in Austin right now, and their brand to everyone who grabs a ride with them. They are not trying to sell you a car or attempt to make you follow them on Twitter, but they recommend you tweet a thanks so you could be entered to win some “cool” things. The drivers I asked didn’t know or didn’t want to tell us what was being given away, but it could be a car?

Oreo has taken advantage of hungry and thirsty visitors by offering  custom made Oreo cookies and refreshments. Depending on Trending hashtags the flavors change, and users can tweet their favorite flavor with #eatthetweet.  Oreo is using a 3D printer to create these custom Oreo’s that are edible and ready within 2 minutes. “Now we’re connecting trending moments to the cookie itself,” explained Bonin Bough, vp of global media at Mondelez. Ever since Oreo’s clever tweet last year during the super bowl the company has become a social media giant.

The longues were already full, and companies were pushing their newest products to anyone who walked in. Austin is filled with hundreds of other events all going on at the same time, but Capital Factory is the mecca for most startups. Capital Factory is a co-working space that TechStars, WP-Engine, and other startups use for office space. If you’re in Austin this weekend tweet us cool events, pictures, or ask to hang out!