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ChargeKey Review

Carrying around a charger for your phone is annoying and sometimes you will even forget it on the go. ChargeKey is a handy tool that is the size of a car key and connects to your keychain that you’re already carrying around. The charger comes for both the iPhone (5 and 5S model) and an Android (Micro USB) model. The maker of the ChargeKey, Nomad, also makes other portable chargers including the ChargeCard.

The ChargeKey is made to be durable and take a beating with your other keys. The charger is made to hang, and built to bend so you don’t have to worry about your phone falling or the charger breaking. At first I thought I’d never use the charger because I don’t charge on the go that often, but I started to when I used my portable battery. It meant that I didn’t have to carry any long cables that may get tangled or get lost. The ChargeKey is something that more people should use, and something that many people would overlook.

This ChargeKey means you’ll always have a charger with you, even when you leave the house without a backpack stuffed with things to keep your devices charged. I’d recommend this or the ChargeCard to anyone who uses their phone a lot and is always carrying around a charging cable.