Kickstarter Sees $1 Billion in Pledges

Crowd funding has really taken off in the most recent years and Kickstarter has been the big one in the news. Kickstarter opened April 28, 2009 and it saw 40 pledges that day, pulling in just over a grand. Today Kickstarter announced that it has crossed $1,000,000,000 in pledges a a huge increase since the first day.

Kickstarter reports more then half of that $1 billion has been pledge in the past year, and 2014 is looking good for crowd funding. The site has helped grow products like Pebble and Ghost blogging, and other large start ups. Out of the $1 billion, $215 million has been pledge towards video games. Not all the projects have had success right away, Ouya gaming console had troubles filling orders to people who pledged.

Veronica Mars even took to Kickstarter to help fund her own movie that she will direct. The Oculus Rift, an augment reality goggles,  were also funded through the site. The site still has a long way to grow but the idea of everyone pitching in to help a project succeed. Have you ever pledged to any projects or have you just watched?


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