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Mt. Gox reportedly subpoenaed by the United States government

The strange news of Mt. Gox keeps continuing and becoming ever more strange.  In a conversation with an industry consultant posted by Fox Business, its CEO Mark Karpeles confirmed that a PDF leaked by The Two Bit Idiot is “more or less” legitimate. According to Karpeles, it was a “bunch of proposals to deal with the issue at hand, not things that are actually planned and/or done.”  The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that the federal prosecutors sent a subpoena  to Mt. Gox.

Since yesterdays closing of Mt. Gox closing the price of bitcoin has once risen to $548 on Coinbase, but there is still worry that the price may not be as stable as before. The currency and community may be moving on but the story for Mt. Gox is just starting and we could see a long drawn out investigation by the United States government. We could see an official statement from the company coming soon.