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YouTube releases new layout

If you’ve been on YouTube the past day or today you may notice that the layout of YouTube changed, and this time for the better. Not to long ago Google changed the layout of the site, which led to many users hating the new design. The old designed was left aligned and many people were not only annoyed by this but also outraged by the new look. This minor change to the layout improves on the old design and is fully responsive, which allows the main content to always be centered.

The design now resembles something of the mobile look, where¬†YouTube says more than half of their traffic comes from. We all know when something changes on the internet unexpectedly users grab their pitch forks and threaten to leave, but in this case it doesn’t appear to be happening. Yes, there are people saying Google made a grave mistake but they are the vocal minority. The large YouTubers, trendsetters, and many loyal users have voiced their approval of this new layout.

A layout change was not the only thing that’s change though. Google ‘improved’ the playlist¬†functionality, and I say ‘improved’ lightly. Yes, Google has made it easier to find playlist, but they have also made it harder to create and edit them on the fly. Google is amazing at taking users feedback and making changes once they find a better way to do something, and in this case Google may push out changes later.

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