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Bitcoin ATM coming to the United States this month

Bitcoin has had a successful year, and many companies have wanted to make it easier to acquire bitcoin in the real life. Coinbase has been the go to place if your in American to buy and sale bitcoin, but that still has a little wait between buying the coin and getting them in your wallet. Bitcoin ATM maker Robocoin released an ATM in Vancouver last year as a test to see if people would use them. Now after the success of the ATM they are coming to¬†Seattle and Austin Texas. These will be the first bitcoin ATM’s in the United States, and with them costing $19,000 each they are going to be a big experiment in the U.S.

The machines require a passport or a drivers license for more security, and has had a representative to help users out using the machine. The machines are automated but they still had someone their to help them along with the process. The two cities are both large tech capitals outside of silicon valley, and Austin has SWSX coming in just a few months. This will be the time for thousands of tech people to come and test out the machine. Seattle will have users that work at Amazon, Microsoft, and other startups in the area.

If more ATM’s pop up this could allow for normal users to get access to bitcoin considering that they have become a way to pay with some online retailers and other brick and mortar shops. This could also lend more credibility to the coins as a real currency. If you’re close to one of these cities are you going to visit one of these ATMs to buy some bitcoins or would you rather ¬†use an online service like coinbase? If your in a citie do you want to see one of these bitcoin ATM’s near you? Tell us your thoughts and comments in the comment boxes below.