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Taco Bell will start taking online orders via smartphones

You can already submit orders for pizza online and other food chains are allowing you to submit your orders through third party phone apps. Taco Bell is the first major fast food chain to accept orders via smartphones this year. They have decided on not using a third party app but developing their own mobile ordering solution. The fast food chain has reportedly spent two years perfecting their system.

The Taco Bell ordering app is going beĀ “built on the moment of now,” displaying different greetings based on the time of day. The pricing and hours of operations will be set by which Taco Bell your nearest. The app will even let you save your favorite orders for quick ordering on the go. The customers will be able to pay via gift cards and credit cards right now. McDonalds has been experimenting with mobile ordering, but nothing as wide scale as Taco Bell is planning. The app will let you decided if you want to pick your order up inside or just swing through the drive through. The app will also use your phones GPS to follow where you are so they can know when to prepare your food and ensures it stays hot for you.

The wait times at Taco Bell are already low considering they have little to make and prepare, but the hope is that if the app is on someones phone they will consider them before other fast food joints. Tell us in the comments below if you would download the app and use it from time to time.