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Google’s Trying to Fix Fragmentation of Android

Android’s always had a fragmentation problem because the software is open source, and anyone can use any version on their phone without Google’s permission. However, the Google Mobile Services (GMS) is separate from the open source Android. Manufactures have to get approval of their phones to get apps like Google Play, Gmail, Google Maps, and other must have apps.According to the Android Police, Google is going to try and pressure manufacturers to ship newer version of Android by withholding GMS to ensure consumers get the latest version of Android.

Google is now pushing 4.2 till April, so this means manufacturers can get GMS on phones that run anything less than  this version. The other version of Android stop getting GMS Feb 1, 2014 and Android Police faceted checked with multiple sources that new phones running 4.1 or less won’t get GMS. Some manufacturers may forgo these services, but consumers expect Android to have the Play Store, Google Apps, and Gmail out of the box.

Recently, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, and LG have been updating their phones faster to the newest version of Android. IT wasn’t clear why they did this, but no one question it because it was such a great thing. The OEM’s have been pressured into updating their phones in some way, and now new phones will ensure they have one of the newest versions of Android.

Google is attempting to fix the fragmentation issues which has left some phones with security problems and lacking some key features because it’s running slower versions of Android. Android 4.4 Kitkat is supposed to run on lower end phones which may be one reason Google is pushing newer versions of Android. It would greatly improve user experiences, make developing apps easier, and make the phones running newer versions of Android faster.


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