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Flappy Bird Creator Is Pulling His Game off the App Store Tomorrow

Flappy Bird is a crazy addictive game because how simple it is, yet how hard it is to accomplish a double digit score. The game has been dogged on for how crazy hard it is and also how the graphics are stolen from other games. While the games creator, Dong Nguyen, may have borrowed some art styles its not clear if he plain out stole them or redesign them himself. Nguyen went to Twitter to say sorry to Flappy Bird users because he will be removing the game from app store very soon.

While he denies any legal issues for the take down some people insist that the game has gotten a take down notice. The internet has been overrating his success on thiss simple game, and many saying its been a lucky run. The game has been pulling in $50,000 in revue daily in ads, and is the number one free game in both stores. The game has gone from a hundred users to thousands in the course of weeks, and the pressure and attention seems to be getting to the game creator.

This is the first time we’ve seen any developer say he is willing removing his wildly succesful game from the app store. What ever the reason its extremely weird to remove the game. The creator refuses to sale the game to others, and in interviews he has said he would have more games out in the near future. What do you think the reason for Flappy Bird being removed from the app store for good? Also tell us your high score in the comments below!