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Google Will have a Chromebox for Meetings

The Chromeboxes will feature an Intel Core i7 processor with an HD camera, combined microphone-speaker device, and a remote. Chromebox will integrate Google Apps for business accounts to allow users to invite, schedule, and manage meetings through Google Calendars. Google has allowed a few companies such as, Glit, Eventbrite, and oDesk, to test the Chromebox for video meetings they have. The companies have all provided positive feedback for the simple setup, ease of use, and the ability to work with employees anywhere.

The Chromebox from Asus will priced at $999, and this comes with everything you need to set up a meeting. Anyone who is invited to a meeting will just need a Gmail address, but its uncommon to see anyone without a Gmail account with Google requiring it for just about everything. The fact that the chromebox has been reduced to a phone is saying something about not only Chromeboxes but also how hard it is to set up video conferences. Desktops that have run Windows or Mac OS are still wanted because desktop users want power and usually do video editing, photo editing, or gaming. Chromeboxes are not something users want especially when it can only surf the internet. Chromebooks have taken off because laptop users are not doing that much other then web based task, but desktop users are still doing heavy duty work.

Will we see Chromeboxs for meetings take off? Well honestly I think they can because more governments, schools, and businesses are switching to Google Apps for their email and other services. These will be the ones buying these boxes, which want easy ways to manage and maintain their video meetings. The low price will also entice people into buying these boxes will all the tools to have video conferences.


2 responses to “Google Will have a Chromebox for Meetings”

  1. Google's partnership with Asus looks like it's really starting to bear some fruit… this close collaboration is having a ripple effect on the competition from smartphones, tablets and now video conferencing systems making it simpler for any company large and small to have high-definition video meetings, available in the UK later this year! I cant wait.

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