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Red Nexus 5 Now Available on the Play Store

All those rumors of a different color Nexus phone were thought to be photoshopped, and most didn’t think Google was going to add another color phone. Then today a red Nexus 5 showed up on the play store for sale. The red phone looks odd at first glance, the mic is also red while the face plate is still black. The white phone looks like a snowtrooper, and the red one gives off a similar vibe.

The rumor also said there would be blue, yellow, green, and other color version of the Nexus 5. However, it doesn’t appear Google is going to release any other color phones right now, but in the future they may. The only thing is the change of color, and no other changes has been made to the phone. Tell us in the comments below what you think of the red version of the Nexus 5. Will you be getting on or maybe a different color?

With rumors saying the Nexus lines of phone going away and being replaced with Google Play phones, may people are emailing Google to hopefully get another Nexus phone. We may just get a few different colors of the Nexus 5 device, and never see the Nexus line of devices again.