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Google Now in Chrome

Google Now first made its appearance on Android, but Google has had big dreams for the personal assistant tool. Google Now isn’t say the same as siri, its more of Google search packaged into an app with all the data Google knows about you already. Google Now has been getting smarter and smarter, with package updates, flight status, and travel times to home or work. The move everyone’s been talking about is Google Now from mobile to Chrome and Chrome OS. Google has also started building Google Now like features into Google search in the browser, which has yielded Cards for sports, people, and Google+ users. The search engine giant is attempting to blur the line between mobile and desktops/laptops through notifications that show up everywhere.

Google also wants to add more value to Chrome OS, and what better way than giving it advance search features like smart phones? Google Now could be used to set a reminder on your phone and then get that reminderĀ on what ever device you’re using. What would be even more amazing is if you were using your laptop and just said Okay Google on any web page and Google would start a search based on what you said after. Yes I know that would need Google to always listen but I’ll take that if the company could build easier ways to search.

I love the idea of Google knowing everything about me, because one they offer great ads. Two Google can offer up better search results, recommend restaurants I might like, or nudged me towards a sale of something that I’ve had my eye on. The personal assistant already offers up news that I find interesting, reminds me of upcoming TV shows that I like to watch, show me movie times around me, and recommends restaurants that I end up loving. I’m not always on my phone, which means I don’t get to see all these amazing recommendations, but now I do as Google bring Now to the browser closest to you.

If you try to compare Siri to Google Now these days its hard to find a reason Siri wins over the more powerful search of Google. Now that its cross-platform, and syncs from all your Google devices you’ll never miss a beat. Do you think you’ll find a use for Google Now in Chrome, or will it be something that you don’t realize that’s their? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.