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Dash Connected Car

Dash wants to make your car smarter and more connected then ever before. Dash offers real-time feedback on your driving, trip logs, access to vehicle diagnostics with estimated prices, a map showing where the cheapest gas is nearby, and features to help you when your in an accident. Dash also use the OBD device which means you can have your car working with the app for only $10 today, or $69 if you us the recommended OBD device.

Once the device is installed, the device connects via Bluetooth with your Android smartphone to communicate with the Dash app. Dash said their is a iOS app in the work, but Android first for once. The app gamifies your driving so you can tell how well or how bad your driving is. The Dash app is on the Google Play now for everyone to enjoy.

Do you think you would put this on your car? This app could be great to track a teens driving around town, and also show how well or how bad his driving is compared to the rest of the family. There are dozens of other devices and apps that try to make your car and driving smarter, but Dash hands down has the best designed app and the most features so far. The company is also saying that this is only the start of the app and plans on partnerships, more features in the app, and better results. Dash has opened their API so other developers can develop apps to work with Dash.

TechCrunch compared Dash to Fitbit for the car, and honestly that is what the company has start to do. It’s making driving and how you drive social so others can compare. The safety built in can alert friends, family, and most importantly 911 in the off chance you get in an accident. I am honestly excited for this app, and want to get a OBD device to play with this app.