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T-Mobile Confirms Hack on Third Party Site Who Held Their Users Personal Information

Target and other large retailers have recently all been hacked, and in their cases customer credit card numbers and personal information was accessed. A letter was sent out to T-Mobile customers who were affected by this hack. The information seems to only affect a small handful of people, however peoples information was still accessed. This wasn’t apart of T-Mobile, and I cannot stress that this was a third party vendor.

Decisioning Solutions is the third party vendor who was hacked. T-Mobile didn’t say how many accounts were affected, but T-Mobile continues to stress that it was a small number of accounts accessed. The hack may have occurred backed in November, but have denied to talk to us on the hack. We will keep trying to find more information on what information was accessed, and if your a T-Mobile users be on a lookout for a message if your information was accessed.