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Nexus 5 Will Get 6 New Color Options

The Nexus 5 has played up its vanilla Android experience, low priced unlock, and the fact its from Google. Its never pushed the design or colors, and just added a white version of the phone recently. Someone from Phone Arena, leaked images and a video showing that the Nexus 5 would get more colors. The images however had been proven fact by a few people really great at Photoshop.

If Google did offer this it would be something similar to the Moto X, which can be designed any which way you choose. I’d love to see more colors for the Nexus 5, or even more colors for the bumper cases. There are only a few colors and they are not all that great, but on the bright side the white Nexus 5 looks really nice.

I hope no one took these photos seriously, because you could tell right away that they were fake. Tell us in the comments below your thoughts on different colors of the Nexus 5.