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Samsung Galaxy S5 New UX

The rumors around the Galaxy S5 are already swirling about the new device, but the most interesting news may come from the software side. The latest from @evleaks shows a possible TouchWiz home screen, which is more Windows Mobile like. It could take information from Google Now to make live tiles on the home page.

This version of Touchwiz would be a nice refresh for Samsung, and possibly bring more people to like ‘Android’. I’m still love stock Android, because of the constant updates and clean minimal design. These designs could be fake or even just test from Samsung, but we would disappointing if Samsung didn’t run with these designs.

The rumors of a new Samsung Galaxy S5 say that we could see the device in March or even earlier, which would fit with the time frame of the last device launch. What do you think of the new look for TouchWiz? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.