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Google Play Movies and TV Now on iOS

Google has thrown together another app for iOS that lack some key features and isn’t all that good. The Google Play app allows you to view, buy, or rent movies or TV shows from the app. So if you’re a heavy Google Play user, but use a iPhone you will be in luck now. This also means that movies and tv shows from the Play store can be streamed to the Chromecast from within that app on your iPhone.

However, the app lacks the ability to store the movie or tv offline. This means you’ll have to be connected to the internet in order to watch what you’ve purchased. Most people who buy movies or tv shows on these services want to watch them offline during a long car ride or places that don’t have that great or no internet connection. Google has been known to build iOS apps but leave out features or have them just not work that great. This app had trouble streaming to the Chromecast but we couldn’t tell what was causing the problems.

Are you glad Google brought the Play store or iOS or does it not matter to you?


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