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SimCity Will get An Offline Mode a Year After Launch

EA’s updated SimCity has been a complete disaster since being released a little over a year ago. The always online game is preparing an offline mode to correct some of the major problems. SimCity ‘depends’ on the cloud computing to run, and creative director Lucy Bradshaw saying “significant engineering” would be required to take the game offline.  It’s unclear how offline mode will work or if the game didn’t need the cloud computer the run properly.

“You can save and load to your heart’s content,” EA Maxis studio manager Paul Buechner said in a blog post. The online worlds won’t expand which many users requested since the release of the game. Modding the game will also be easier because there won’t be any need to have an online connection seeing if you’ve modded the game.

SimCity fans should rejoice that offline mode is here, and maybe another update soon will bring expanded cities. Are you a player of SimCity or have you been waiting till the major errors have been corrected?