Beats Streaming Music Service Launching Jan 21

The company who sales Beats by Dre, has finally jumped into the streaming music market. The Beats Music service is set to be released Jan. 21 with an individual plan along with a family plan for AT&T customers. Jimmy Lovine, the company’s co-chairman and co-founder, believes the service’s better algorithms “will become the discovery model that the music business is waiting for.” Other streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora have all been excelling recently.

Beats Music will offer custom playlists based on your listening habits, similar to Pandora stations or playlist on Spotify. At launch, the service will offer up 20 million tracks for $10 a month. The current curration page looks similar to the one Spotify currently has, but there is less music on the new service. The service will also use location history to see what your listening to at work, at the gym, or at home, which could offer up better music recommendations when you want them.

Beats is offering a $10 a month option and a $15 a month plan for families on AT&T. The single subscription lets a one user stream songs to three devices, the AT&T-exclusive family plan will let five users stream to ten devices in total. The family plan undercuts Rdio family plan which is around $18 for two users to stream unlimited music. The Beats Music service won’t use the Sponsored data that the company introduced at CES, which means this might have been one example of a company using the service.

Do you think you’ll switch over the Beats Music or stick with your current subscription service.



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