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Uber Slashing UberX Prices Acrcoss the Country

Uber is in the middle of controversy over surging prices during New Year and other peak times. In an attempt to win back support Uber is lowering UberX prices. Uber announced today that it’s dropping fare prices across the country for UberX.

The company is cutting price in 16 out of its 24 markets right now. The new fares are now up to 34 percent lower in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Orange County. Minneapolis, Atlanta, Sacramento, Tucson, Denver, Dallas, Baltimore, Charlotte, and Nashville also receive price cuts.

The surging prices may have made economic sense, but no one enjoys paying higher prices. Uber is trying to play damage control right now, and be the best option for transportation is usually the cheapest. This is also apart of the price wars between other companies such as Lfyt and Sidecar.

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