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Sprint’s Framily Plans Are Not a Typo

T-Mobile has turned up the heat for every carrier in America right now with their no contracts and allowing customers to upgrade their phones more often. Sprint took the idea of an upgrade plan a little while ago, but now Sprint has introduced a new idea that no other carrier is using yet. Instead of have an individual plan or family plan their is framily plans, which lets people be one the same plan can be billed independently.

A single line on Sprint will cost each member $55 per month, at a minimum, and that includes unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data. Then add more people on the Framily plan, the cost will drop by $5 per line, all the way till a “maximum monthly discount of $30″ per line is meet. If you have 8 people on your Framily plan, each person will receive unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data for $30 per month per line. If 1 GB of data is not enough each person can add more data and still be billed separately.

The idea is not a whole new idea, because everyone has wanted family plans discounts but didn’t have a family to share the cost with. Then came the problem of sending money to one person who would pay the whole bill. If you can find that many people to pay and willing to share an account. Then the question is what if one person doesn’t pay will that person line be cut or will other have to cover the cost? The plans go live on January 10, but it will be interesting to see how many people go and sign up for this.