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DB Gear Bag: Leon’s Bag

Everyone is showing of their gear bags so I thought I would follow suit with what’s in my bag at any given time. Unlike some other tech reporters that carry all their gear around I like to side for something lighter and with a backpack that can be used for many things. Every technology geek out there is beyond excited for CES right now, it’s sort of like Christmas all over again. I also throw in other little necessities in the bag such as chap stick, chargers, business cards, and wallet. Once you skim over the items, I’d love to hear what you use or would love to have in your bag.

JanSport Right Pack

As many of you know I’m in college, so I like that my backpack can double as a way to carry school supplies. Although many of my school supplies are limited to tech such as my laptop and tablet. I still like to carry a notebook or throw a jacket into the backpack so I can have my hands free. The backpack has a built in carrying slot for my laptop so its safe, and it can carry everything safely.

Samsung Chromebook

I know everyone else has a Macbook, blah blah blah. I love my Chromebooks because they have long battery life and lets me focus on writing instead of throwing a bunch of frivolous other apps and notifications in my face. Video editing for the most part can be done through Google’s YouTube editor, or I have other machines back home. The device can and does work without Wifi, such as document editing, but how often are most people with the lifeline of the internet? Almost never.

Nexus 7

I love my Nexus 7 2014 model, because of the beautiful screen and pure Android experience. The tablet lets me read, explore things on a bigger screen, and see pictures better than on a phone. While in school, I use a lot of education apps like Quizlet to help me study. This is also one of the main ways I read books through.

Nexus 5

The Nexus 5, has spotty battery life but is super fast. It is also very low priced off contract which most people will be buying the device this way. The camera is decent considering that Nexus devices have always lacked in the camera area. It has access to the apps I need and its a 32GB model so I can fit everything on it with space to spare.

Galaxy Mega

What can I say about this Phablet other than its big, and I mean big. I use this because it’s still thin and can fit in bags and back pockets. It gives me a lot of screen space, and amazing battery life. It’s Android powered so once again I have access to all the apps I need which are limited now that I think about it. I really use 4 or 5 apps on a daily basis, and that’s pushing it. I use Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Snapchat, and Hangouts. The Mega is one of Samsung’s temporary projects that they wanted to test how far they could push screen size before people stopped buying the ‘phone.’

Spy Helm Sunglasses

I try and carry my sunglasses everywhere I can because the south Texas sun can be really bright most days. Other then that I just like to wear sunglasses.

Canon EOS Rebel T3

This was present that I received, and get the job done when I need to take pictures or even video. It’s a super easy to use camera, but has some advance features for you to play around with. Canon is a high recommendation from my mom, and she’s really good with cameras. Even on full auto you can catch some good photos.

Fitbit Flex

So high school I stayed active with sports and other activities. Now in college the most activity I get is walking to get the most healthiest of foods at the dinning halls, so the Flex lets me see if I am getting the recommended dose of walking which happens to be 10,000 steps per day.


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