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Google Shutting Down Bump and Flock This Month

Google had acquired Bump and Flock back in September, but no one understood why Google exactly bought the company. CEO and cofounder David Lieb announced the discontinuation of both products on the Bump blog, saying his team is “deeply focused on our new projects within Google.” This means that we could soon see some of the fruits the developers work at Google.

After January 31st the apps will no longer work, they’ll disappear from the App Store and Google Play and all stored data will be deleted from servers. Any files stored locally will stay on your devices, but many users stuff is stored in the cloud still. In Google fashion you’ll be able to take all your data out to store locally on your devices. All you’ll need to do is open the app up, and follow the on screen steps to take your data out. Afterwards, Bump will send over an email with a link to let you download all of your stored data.

I’m interested in see what Google will produce out of the acquisition, and how the new members are working at Google. I feel like the bump and Flock will somehow be pushed in Google+ and Android. What do you think about Google closing Bump and Flock, and are you affected by this closing? Tell us in the comments below!