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Happy New Year from Digital Bounds

It’s been a great year for growth, content, and the sites reach. I’ve gone from 1 reader a month, myself, to 10,000 unique readers each month. It’s mind numbing to imagine that many readers viewing what I’ve written. This is something I cannot truly  do without you, the reader. November 28, 2013: The day that this domain was bought. The site came from countless failed attempts of different of trying to become an influential technology writer.

I’ve jumped into a world of technology not knowing how to start at all, but there’s been so much help from everyone. A friend at Samsung got me access to review, even though I’d been an unproven technology reviewer. He’s one of the biggest reason why this sites been able to be so success thus far. His support has allowed me to have the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 2, and many other samsung devices in my hands weeks after they were announced. So thank you Mr. Badger, you’re what kickstarted this site.

Now that I have a handle on writing reviews, or hope I do, I am going to start making videos to complement the written content on the site. In 2014 I hope that the site will change and grow even more. I know the logo has change countless times, each time looking totally different then the time before. This current one which has grown on me over time is thanks to my friend Kyle McDonald. Then the writers who have contributed articles to the site to help populate it with content when I could not.

All in all, its amazing to have made it this far.I hope over this year I can help influence users into buying the right phone for their needs. The upcoming CES and SXSW coverage will be amazing, and an excited experience. The prospects for the site are looking up, and I hope that we can grow the community more this year. So thank you for everything, and if you’d like to ask me questions or just tip me to new articles send a tweet my way. I can be found on most social networks with the handle @leonhitchens.