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Netflix Introduces Cheaper Streaming Plan

If streaming in HD and getting to stream to two devices at the same time is to much for you then, Netflix is introducing a new streaming plan that gets you all you can eat movies and tv in standard definition and only on one device at a time. Netflix’s new SD tier is a ow end streaming tier for the site, that’ll allow standard definition streaming to one device. This will run you only $6.99 per month.

This new plan is only $1 cheaper than the normal streaming plan. Netflix also offers another plan for $11.99 called the “family plan,” supporting up to four simultaneous streams. We’ve been able to confirm the new streaming plan which you can signup for right now. Netflix says they’re only testing the new bargain basement plan making it only available to new users.

The users buying this low tier plan will not be into sharing their account like thousands of other Netflix users do. Would you be interested in downgrading your account, or would you rather pay a dollar more for two streams and HD?