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Android Fitbit App Supports More Devices

Android has been improving, and in Android 4.3 brought support for Bluetooth low energy. The company supported iOS devices along with select Samsung devices. Fitbit has finally added support for a number of new phones including the Moto X, Nexus 4 & 5, and some recent Droid phones. This means more people will be encouraged to buy the device because they’ll be able to sync the tracker wirelessly with their phones.

The reason Fitibit is having trouble adding more phones is because many don’t have low energy bluetooth, and the problem that each phone apparently has a different API for their bluetooth transmitter. Now there is still a few bugs with the updated app but they have a small work around. Currently  the app turns off background syncing for the newly added devices by default, because if left on it can cause rapid battery drain.

The updated app is live on the Play store, and the new addition of phones is below. Remember you can still use the tracker through their provided dongle that plugs into a windows or mac computer. Tell us if you’ll be picking up Fitbit because there are more phones support or is your phone still left off the list?

Moto X
Nexus 4 and 5
Nexus 7 (2013)
DROID Razr M, HD, and Maxx HD
DROID Mini, Ultra, and Maxx (running Android 4.4 or later)