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Pebble Smartwatch Getting Own App Store

The watch was a first of its kind, and its become an amazing smartwatch. BestBuy has put it on sale many times and thousands have the been sold. The developers are building new watch faces, apps, and utilities for the watch. The developers announced that they are creating a central place for all apps, mods and watch faces for the Pebble.

It will be the Pebble app store, and will require a companion app from Play Store. However, this does not mean that third party app installations will be blocked. In fact, the developers encourage sites like and have promised to never block third party access. The store will not support paid apps when launched, but devs say you can charge for the companion apps.

Its amazing to see the developers continue to grow the community and attempt to make the Pebble easier to use for novice users. I’d highly recommend the watch as a holiday present. Tell us what you think about the smartwatch, and if you like the idea of a central app store for the smartwatch?