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Google Glass MyGlass iOS Coming Back Soon

Today, Google Glass MyGlass app for iOS made a brief appearance on the App Store. It was quickly pulled  from the app store, and not long afterwards Google updated its support blog with a post promising to bring MyGlass to iOS “later this week.” The MyGlass app is ready to go, but the version XE12 of the device’s software is supported.

The iOS app will have all the same support as the Android counterpart, including the ability set-up Google Glass, add new contacts, and control navigation. Its still unclear if their will be support for Google Play Music, but the Glass should be able to access that stuff separately. Google bringing the app over from Android to iOS is a great thing for Glass.

When will Google Glass go mainstream? Or will Google Glass be a continued project for the company that won’t ever see a consumer product? Tell us what you think about Google Glass in the comments below.