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Favorite Free & Paid App of 2013

2013 is coming to a close already, and everyone is crowning the winners of 2013. However,  there are never any clear cut winners in technology. Candy Crush has been named by Apple the number one free app of the year, but the apps on top are all games or utilities from large companies. Now Apple did not get it wrong Candy Crush has had an amazing year, and everyone has been hooked on the addictive game. The top paid game is Minecraft – Pocket Edition, and this is another addictive game.  I’ve made a decision on the top app of 2013, and mine are some that I’ve used over and over each day. They are separate from say Google or Apple made, and they are not a game.

I’ve picked these two apps based on my usage, and also by what I’ve herd from others who I’ve recommended this app to. They are useful apps that could help you with things every day.




Digg had a huge revival after Google announced it’s cutting its RSS Reader. The app is simple, beautiful, and an amazing way to get top news. The app is also a RSS reader, which means you can read your favorite websites news from within the app. It was talked about for a while when Google closed its RSS Reader, but many have forgotten about the app completely. The top news is what’s trending and has some of the most interesting news you can find on any site. It’s an excellent way to read news and I would highly recommend downloading the app.

Wolfram Alpha


The app is long forgotten in 2014, but its an amazing app if you have anything math related. It can pull up information on unemployment in Austin Texas, or show you the tides in Miami Florida. It can help students with Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and even elementary math. It can do IP’s look up and so much more. It’s smarter then the Google Knowledge graph, but in math only. The app has come in handy countless times and is something students could use to help on their homework.


I view these two apps as my favorite, and something everyone should take a quick look even if they don’t download. Digg and WolframAlpha are must have for anyone who reads news or does a lot of math. I’d love to hear what others favorite apps are. These two apps are on both platforms, iOS and Android. Digg is free for anyone to use, and you don’t have to have but I would recommend creating one to have a better experience. The WolframAlpha app cost $2.99 but is a solid buy, and can help a lot with math, science, and some other math related fields.