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Aereo Could Get Chromecast Support

Aereo has been killing the traditional TV market every day they are alive. According to CNET, Aereo head Chet Kanojia, speaking at an investor conference, stated that eventual Chromecast compatibility for the local broadcast slinging app is not only on the way, it’s actually part and parcel of the company’s broader support goal for Android.

Aereo’s currently testing the updated app now, but Kanojia didn’t specify exactly when users would see it roll out.  Once the app does roll out there will be more reasons for people to cut the cable subscription and just get a Chromecast, or other media box. The low cost Chromecast has been adding apps slowly but surely over the past few months, and adding more value each and every time it does. A few new apps are already available, while others will likely arrive by the end of the week or month. To make sure they work, check that you’re running the latest possible version of Android or iOS on your device.