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In-Store Tracking Deployed at Apple Through iBeacon

iOS 7 introduced bluetooth tracking to show your location in store, public venue, or a restaurant. The feature is supposed to supplement GPS tracking when someone wants more exact location tracking. The places that could use the iBeacon feature are endless, but NFL stadiums could implement it to offer better crowd control. The first place to offer iBeacon support is Apple, no surprise, but they won’t be the last company to offer iBeacon support.

The Apple Store iOS app will work with the iBeacon transmitters in the Apple store. Which means as you move around the Apple store from display to display your phone will display information relating to the display your closet to. The iBeacons can also be used for in-store notifications, like information on accessories, daily store news or when your order is ready for pickup.

The feature could work great with the newer stadiums like the NFL’s 49ers new smart stadium, which will attempt to tell you how long of wait for the bathroom or for food. To use the iBeacon you’ll have to have bluetooth on and agree to tracking, either way the app is a move towards being always connected. Tell us in the comments below if you would use this tracking or prefer to avoid it?