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Amazon Prime Air will use Drones

No its not an early April fools joke, Amazon really wants drones to deliver their packages. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently explained to 60 minutes reporter Charlie Rose his vision for the future of fast Amazon delivery: Drones. Dubbed “Prime Air” by Amazon.

The drones won’t be delivering anytime soon, but Amazon said safety testing and finalizing its R&D developed octocopter drones, and barring any interference with the FAA, they should be delivering packages to your front door in 4-5 years. The drones are only able to lift 5 lbs, so this means only small packages can be delivered this way. The drone can only travel 10 miles from the distribution center, but with hundreds of them it should cover most urban areas.

Then Amazon has to worry about drones being stolen, crashing in neighborhoods, and getting support from the FAA. The company has  a lot of work to do, but they are committed to transforming delivery options forever. Another problem is how much will drone delivery cost, considering that they are expensive and you’ll get your package 30 minutes after ordering it.

Would you want to use the Amazon Prime Air, or would you stick to using the normal UPS, FED-EX, and USPS? Tell me in the comments below.