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Comcast Mulling Over Buying Time Warner Cable

One of the most hated companies is Comcast, and they are supposedly gearing up to bid for Time Warner Cable. Comcast already server 22 million subscribers, and horribly I might say. This buyout could balloon that number and bring unwanted  attention from smaller competitors and regulators. The sources that are close to Comcast say that this deal is just being talked about and they are very apprehensive, and the company may even back out all together.

The Wall Street Journal says that the biggest issues with this deal is Comcast having to go through a antitrust review. Comcast has already gone through a lengthy review after their purchase of NBCUniversal purchase, and a similar situation could happen if they were to place a bid for Time Warner Cable. On top of an antitrust review, they would have to get approval from regulators which may not approve this colossal deal. They could cite that a Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger would be too powerful and would not benefit consumers.

The problem is not if Comcast will go through with this but if the government would allow such a large merger like this. The problem that would happen is raised prices, less competition, and more crappy service for consumers. Comcast has progressed with offering HBO without a cable subscription, and offering tv through their devices from anywhere.

What do you think about a Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger? Tell us in the comments below your thoughts and comments. I would personally hate a merger, because Time Warner is already bad with customer service and I’ve herd some pretty bad things about Comcast support.