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New Look Thanks to Kyle McDonald

We’ve asked Kyle McDonald to refresh our logo to better match our site and brand. As you can see the logo now it’s something that I’ve come to love and it has really grown on me. At first I didn’t see the need for any change, but as we progress we wanted something that looked better, and fit the sit better. We’ve come up with this, and hopefully we can grow over the next year with this logo. There will be minor changes with small visual improvement, that will grow with the site. Kyle, a freshman at Murray State University.

He offers services from logo design to some web development. He’s been a help around Digital Bounds with graphic work and small improvements to the site. He’s always come around and treated his clients as family, and made sure to meet their ever need. He’s been doing this stuff since he was 13 and has learn a great deal over the years. He is always looking for clients to help tackle their problems and better their brand in any way possible.

He’s in college much like myself, but he’s always showed drive and ambition for his project he pursue. I’ve been working with him since we’ve both meet way back on and now we both have grown so far from where we started. I have seen what great work he has done, and the new logo and favicon are a great example of this work.

Give us your feedback on the new logo and what you think about it in the comments below.


3 responses to “New Look Thanks to Kyle McDonald”

  1. Just wanna put it out there, the old logo and design was much betterrr! This new one is ugly. Please change it!

    • The old one did not fit the current design trend what so ever, this may take some getting used to but it looks a lot better compared to other blogs logos and logos in general. The other one was stuck in Web 2.0

    • As any change comes on the internet, every user will pick up their pitch forks and gather to stop/reverse any change. It's something that I've grown to love, and as Kyle said matches well with design trends today. Thanks for the feedback, and if you see anything else on the site feel free to email me!