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Android Cameras Could Get Much Better with API

Google has listened to the outcry from Android users to bring better image quality to some phones. Nokia has brought RAW images to their phones and it appears that Google is following in their foot steps. App developer Josh Brown, spotted code snippets which hint at an API that would allow RAW images to be store alongside JPEG. This API along with Google+ auto correct Google could enhance and correct images to be almost perfect and ensure their are never photos that are too bright or too dark.

It also appears Google may add stock support for external cameras like the Sony QX10 or  QX100, although the wording was ambiguous.

The camera device is removable and has been disconnected from the Android device, or the camera service has shut down the connection due to a higher-priority access request for the camera device.

Any improvement to Android’s camera are greatly wanted. And in fact many Android cameras have large sensor but the software are holding these cameras back. If Google were to improve camera software Android cameras could vastly improve with just one software update. However these code snippets were over a month over and there is no guarantee if this will even come to fruition. Are you a camera enthusiasts that wants RAW support on Android, or just want better quality photos on Android? Tell us in the comments below what you think of this new API.