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Coin Wants to be the Only Card You Carry

There have been many attempts to solve the problem of our large wallets and move them to smartphones. However many of these apps and services are restricted to certain operating system and require costly infrastructure at stores. One company has found a way around this problem by using the same system as debit cards, but linking it to a smartphone app or online service. Essentially the card is an all in one debit card card that pulls money from other cards that you link.

With a companion dongle and smartphone app (iOS and Android ), you can upload all your cards onto Coin, which has 128-bit encryption. Through the app, you can easily add or delete existing cards, or just manage the ones you currently have uploaded. Once uploaded the app is not necessary but it provides you with some nifty features such as making sure you never leave your card behind.

Right now, the Coin has set a goal of $50,000, which will allow them to start producing things. If the project meets its funding goals then the first cards won’t come out till summer of 2014. The idea is brilliant and will help with over sized wallets. . Once Coin hits retail, it’ll go for $100, but backers can get a special discount of $50.


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