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Amazon Will Begin Sunday Shipments

If you’ve ever wanted something from Amazon but the next day was Sunday? We all know that there is no mail delivery on Sunday’s but Amazon is hoping to shake up the market by changing this norm. Amazon has partnered with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to start offering Sunday delivery in New York and Los Angeles.

The service was first thought to be limited to Prime members but Amazon has said that it will be available to anyone who’s in the two cities. Amazon also stated that these program will expand to other cities in 2014 including Dallas, Houston, New Orléans, Phoenix and more. This turn of events for the USPS is surprising considering the government postal service attempted to end Saturday delivery earlier this year. Amazon’s Patrick Donahoe, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer, said, “With this new service, the Postal Service is now delivering packages seven days a week in select cities. Customers can expect the same reliable and valued service that the Postal Service provides.” It appears that the postal service has accepted that they are going to have to find creative ways to stay alive.

Companies like Google have offered their own shipping options for the same day in select markets. This is service from Amazon and USPS is highlighting the impatience of people shopping online. It’s also closing the gap of when you order something and when it will arrive on your doorstep. With the holiday season coming up it’s no surprise Amazon announced this service last night. The question is how many shoppers will use this service during the holiday season and after that. Tell us in the comments below if you’ll be using this shipping option.