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Twitter’s Stock Value has Nearly Doubled

Twitter was initially valued at $26 a share, but the value on the New York stock exchange is now $48 at the writing of the post. The price kept creeping up while I was writing the post, and I corrected the number at least three times. The $48 price tag has beaten the price of Facebook’s stock prices, and their shares are down around 1%. The value of Twitter was vastly underestimated, even though the company is still bleeding money.

The rush of investors buying up shares of the company is good news as Twitter searches for new ways of revenue. The day is coming to the end, and Twitter may come out ahead today. The social network is a large player in news, and if they can find a way to make more money their prices could soar even higher.  Have you bought into this rush to get some shares of TWTR or do you think the prices are going to dip?