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Google Hangouts Updated SMS Support, GPS, and Animated GIFS

At long last Google has sent an update that everyone has been waiting months for now. Hangouts will now support SMS, which means no more switching between apps to check your messages. That’s not it there is also support to send GIFS, which may be baked in because Google+ will make GIFs based on your photos. The app will also have an easy button to share your location with the person you’re messaging, which is similar to dropping a pin in iOS. We hope the SMS support will be similar to how iMessage handles it. However there is no word when this update will be pushed out but we hope fairly soon.

The SMS support was rumored to come out with Android 4.4 KikKat. This is another rumor that has been proved to be wrong, which means Android KikKat could still be ¬†along way off. There are more Google+ related news coming from a event being hosted today. We’ll keep up on all the news coming out from the event and keep you guys posted. Tell us in the comments below what you think of Google Hangouts now supporting SMS.