Blogging Platform Medium Now Open to the Public

Twitter co-founder started his love with blogging on Blogger, and even helped coin the word blog. He has recently returned to his roots by creating blogging platform Medium. The blogging platform has been invite only since its launch in Aug. The users have which have to sign up with their Twitter account were encourage to write thoughtful long form post. This has so far what the site has had, though with being open to the public this quality may decline.

The site requires Twitter to sign up, and an email to verify the account. There are not any custom URL’s like Tumblr, and user names are created the same as your Twitter name. Medium has taken cues from both Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit: the post can be recommended to users similar to Twitter’s Retweet feature, you’re able to upvote like Reddit, and use tags like Tumblr. The space has simple editing that allow bloggers to focus just on what’s at hand; writing a great thoughtful post.

The site has gotten amazing reviews for design and ‘thoughtful’ content on the site. Though some converstail post have brought some negative press to the site, though some might saw any press is good press. There are not any ads on the site, and many question what former Twitter founder is doing with this project. Now with the site being open to the public it has time to grow and expand. Though the site still needs a way to make money, and a purpose beyond a new blogging platform.


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