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Instagram Showed What Ads Will Look Like

Facebook mentioned Instagram would soon have ads within each users feed, though at that time they did not outline how ads would look nor how often they would be in a user’s stream. The photos that were shown of ads look clean, unobtrusive, and looks like they may not take away from the user experience. Facebook has to show investors that they can generate some revenue from their billion dollar purchase of Instagram.

The ads will have a “sponsored tag,” to distinguish ads from normal instagram post. The picture of Instagrams ad was subtle, with nothing being sold to you directly in the ad. These ads appear to work similarly to Facebook’s boosting of post, where you’re able to pay to get your ad to the top of more peoples streams. We should see Video ads not long down the road, and hopefully they won’t be set to auto play.

The ads will not distract from whats important to you, and you’re able to provide feedback if the ad does not appeal to you. Lets hope this is all the ads Facebook will push into Instagram, considering they keep putting ads all over their users streams. Tell us what you think about these Instagram ads, and if you won’t mind them being put in your stream.