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GoDaddy Purchases Media Temple

The same web domain registrar that has caught a lot of heat for their support for the bill to stop online piracy. GoDaddy offers their own hosting like many other domain registrars, but this expansion could mean a larger movement for the company. GoDaddy’s often accused of sexiest ads, poor customer support and  their untechnical service offerings. Now some of the people that fled from GoDaddy will find themselves wrapped up in their service again.

Media Temple host over 1.5 million sites which include Dribble and Samsung. The company is known for specializing in advance technical services that GoDaddy is not known for. They’re also widely known for the amazing support that comes along with their advance technical services. This will help the domain registrar expand their web hosting services, and possibly make more profit. If GoDaddy can hold onto Media Temple customers then this will be the largest addition that the company has made.